The Sound Strike: Friend or Foe?
The Sound Strike: who is representing you?

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First, I should point out that I am not trying to change your opinion on SB 1070.  We are all entitled to take a stance and then back it in the way that we see fit.  Whether or not I agree with the way in which you are choosing to take said stance, I think that it is admirable that you are doing something.  That said, let’s take a look at how you are being represented in aligning yourselves with The Sound Strike.

The day to day operations of The Sound Strike are run by organizer Javier Gonzalez. Javier sees fit to ban journalists who inquire politely about where TSS stands on things that relate directly to the boycott.  (You can read more on this at the end of the blog under “Further Reading”.)

In following the online presence on Facebook, Twitter & elsewhere I have been confused by the fact that someone as intelligent and discerning as Trent Reznor (to name one example) is being represented by posts like this:


I’m not particularly clear on how “F&*% Arizona” is a productive message to put out there.  Certainly this isn’t how the artists feel about their AZ fans. This is even more disconcerting when coming from an organization that is ostensibly dedicated to improving Arizona. 


Why would a group dedicated to spreading awareness of a cause hope for “haters” at an event?  Is the idea of civil discourse and exchange of viewpoints so far gone that gloating about how “haters got schooled” the best that TSS has to offer?  (You can read more on the actual event at the end of the blog under “Further Reading”.)


This is in reference to groups on Facebook who oppose The Sound Strike.  Rather than engage them productively, Javier takes an intensely immature route to dismiss them. 


This is a joke Tweeted by @thesoundstrike shortly after the AZ shootings.  It was removed from Twitter only after a lengthy argument in which many posts were deleted but enough people piled on that it became too difficult for Javier to slink away undetected.


I’m not going to get too picky about the literacy level on display throughout these pages but this banner appears right on the front of  Attention to detail is important and carelessness can harm credibility.


Again, tone and perceived intellect count for a lot when considering the people and organizations to align with.  Some artists on The Sound Strike’s roster are indifferent to either, but I am certainly aware of artists who back TSS and would be better off addressing fans themselves than letting posts like these speak for them.


I’m not of the opinion that one’s views should be marginalized based on their number of followers on a social networking site. Are you?


This is from Javier’s Twitter and seems to reveal a bit about his personal racial biases. He could have said “get out of my house, criminal” or picked from any other number of putdowns typically used on politicians. He opted for “white boy”.  Is using race to demean people ever a good approach? 

Assumptions = FAIL

More evidence of where The Sound Strike is coming from in terms of racial preferences. It is assumed (incorrectly in this case) that dissenters are white, and less credible as such. Clarifications of such issues are often deleted to save face.  Is this really what you signed on for?


Apparently all fans who attended the Lady Gaga show in Arizona are RACIST. Lady Gaga and said fans also HATE MEXICANS.  I don’t suppose the organizers are reading up on much before posting, as Lady Gaga has been vocal in her stance against SB 1070.  The reason you see The Sound Strike pouting about this is that she isn’t handling it their way.  This is very much a mentality of “you are either with us or against us”.  


More fun with stereotypes.  I’d be curious to hear an explanation as to why this is acceptable.  I’d be even more curious to hear an argument as to how this is productive towards the cause.

There are many more examples but you , no doubt, get the gist. 

As a supporter of The Sound Strike are you of the mindset that this is a black and white issue?  Do you agree with TSS that those who differ in opinion are “haters”  and should be dismissed rather than engaged?  Not all people against SB 1070 support open borders and chaos. Not all people for SB 1070 are racist or “haters”.  There are nuances to this issue that The Sound Strike organizers are either deliberately refusing to acknowledge or are not aware of due to a lack of critical thinking.  Whether it is dishonesty or ignorance, this issue is divisive enough as is without The Sound Strike fanning the flames.

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The Sound Strike: Do bands even know they are involved?

It just came to our attention that the band Steel Panther are listed on The Sound Strike’s wall despite not being a part of The Sound Strike.  Here is what they had to say in response to a fan asking about it:


We wonder how many of the bands they list are even aware that they are listed.  We intend to find out.  We’ve grabbed a screenshot of their "artist’s" list as it appears now and will be updating as we reach out to each artist on the list.  Until then, support music in AZ!

The Sound Strike: Fast on the draw!

Yaknow, I’ve got to give some credit to Javier Gonzalez of The Sound Strike.  Despite his complete ineptitude when it comes to representing his cause he was able to adjust the settings of The Sound Strike’s Facebook to ban comments from fans in under 7 minutes of someone posting a link to this post about them!  Well played, my friend, well played.  If things don’t work out for you as far as The Sound Strike I’ve no doubt that there is a place for you in the U.S. government.  People who are willing and able to squash dissent as soon as it happens are a commodity here in the U.S. of A! 

Note the times on the “PUENTE Protests Chente” post as well as the wall settings:



After (link is gone, poster is banned and only TSS are now allowed to post to wall):


Hiding much, Javier?

The Sound Strike: So here’s a new low